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0001🇨🇾Welcome to my VLOG 🇩🇪 🇬🇧2022-02-11
0002🇨🇾The new Marina in Limassol 🇩🇪2022-02-18
0003🇨🇾The old marina in Limassol 🇬🇧2022-02-18
0004🇨🇾I will buy a catamaran and sail around the world 🇬🇧2022-02-22
0005🇨🇾Carnival in Limassol 2022 ♫2022-02-24
0006🇨🇾Getting the Yellow Slip in Cyprus 🇬🇧2022-02-25
0007🇨🇾Do not use Transferwise 🇬🇧2022-02-28
0008🇨🇾The Limassol Castle 🇬🇧2022-03-05
0009🇨🇾Famagusta Ghost City 🇬🇧2022-03-24
0010🇨🇾Greek Independence Day Parade in Limassol ♫2022-03-25
0011🇨🇾IYT Sailing School CISC in Limassol 🇬🇧2022-05-23
0012🇨🇾IYT Sailing School CISC in Limassol 🇬🇧2022-05-24
0013🇨🇾IYT Sailing School CISC in Limassol 🇩🇪2022-05-26
0014🇨🇾IYT Sailing School CISC in Limassol 🇬🇧2022-05-26
0015🇨🇾IYT Sailing School CISC in Limassol 🇬🇧2022-05-27
0016🇨🇾IYT Sailing School in Limassol 🇬🇧2022-05-29
0017🇨🇾IYT Sailing School in Limassol 🇬🇧2022-06-03
0018🇨🇾Elektronische Schwingungen in der 4000 Jahre alten Altstadt von Limassol ♫2022-06-03
0019🇨🇾IYT Sailing School in Limassol 🇬🇧2022-06-04
0020🇨🇾IYT Sailing School in Limassol 🇬🇧2022-06-05
0021🇨🇾My new boat 🇬🇧2022-07-07
0022🇨🇾A small little tour around the block 🇬🇧2022-07-24
0023🇨🇾Inside a racing boat and sail inspection 🇬🇧2022-08-27
0024🇨🇾200 Million Dollar Yacht in Limassol 🇬🇧2022-09-18
0025🇨🇾Carbon fiber boom stolen, sailing at 15 knots 🇬🇧2022-09-24
0026🇨🇾Lagoons botched AC installation 🇬🇧2022-09-29
0027🇨🇾Our boom is back, fully refurbished 🇬🇧2022-10-01
0028🇨🇾Fameline Offshore Sailing Regatta 2022 🇬🇧2022-10-08
0029🇨🇾Fit in the daggerboards, prepare for a race 🇬🇧2022-10-14
0030🇨🇾Nightly Limassol Boat Show 2022 🇬🇧2022-10-14
0031🇨🇾Tour from Limassol to Agia Napa 🇬🇧2022-10-15
0032🇨🇾Rejected! Regatta from Agia Napa to Tel Aviv 🇬🇧2022-10-16
0033🇨🇾Good bye Anna, good bye carbon fiber sail 🇬🇧2022-10-22
0034🇨🇾Running on Waves in Limassol 🇬🇧2022-10-26
0035🇨🇾Ohi Day - The full Parade in Limassol 2022 ♫2022-10-28
0036🇨🇾A small tour to St. Raphael Marina to pick up a dinghy 🇬🇧2022-10-29
0037🇨🇾Some gybe maneuvers and an offshore surfboard racer 🇬🇧2022-10-30
0038🇨🇾Christmas start in Cyprus 🇩🇪2022-11-02
0039🇨🇾The mountains and nature around Agros 🇬🇧2022-11-13
0040🇨🇾A little monkey on our mast and a small tour 🇬🇧2022-11-19
0041🇨🇾Erasmus students on board 🇬🇧2022-11-26
0042🇨🇾On the leash 🇬🇧2022-12-03
0043🇨🇾Christmas lights in Limassol by night 🇬🇧2022-12-10
0044🇨🇾Special children's Christmas Market in Limassol 🇬🇧2022-12-11
0045🇨🇾The battle "Sony DLSR vs Samsung Phone" Christmas lights in Limassol 🇬🇧2022-12-11
0046🇨🇾Visiting Larnaca Marina, the beachfront and airport 🇬🇧2022-12-17
0047🇩🇪Frozen Dusseldorf, city center, architecture and christmas markets 🇬🇧2022-12-18
0048🇩🇪Dusseldorf, radio tower, state parliament, rine river, old city 🇬🇧2022-12-20
0049🇩🇪Town hall Dusseldorf, christmas markets, luxury shopping street 🇬🇧2022-12-20
0050🇩🇪Christmas time in Münster and the ladder to heaven 🇬🇧2022-12-21
0051🇩🇪Flight Düsseldorf/Germany to Laranca/Cyprus 🇬🇧2023-01-10
0052🇨🇾A brand new DJI Osmo Action 3 is a total fail 🇬🇧2023-02-10
0053🇨🇾The promenade of Limassol in HDR video mode of my DJI Osmo Action 3 🇬🇧2023-02-12
0054🇨🇾Flying boat in the swing 🇬🇧2023-02-21
0055🇨🇾Is Zygi Marina an option for docking permanently 🇬🇧2023-02-25
0056🇨🇾The white rocks of Govenors beach 🇬🇧2023-02-25
0057🇨🇾Carnival parade in Limassol 2023 from #00 ♫2023-02-26
0058🇨🇾Carnival parade in Limassol 2023 from #30 ♫2023-02-26
0059🇨🇾Carnival parade in Limassol 2023 from #50 ♫2023-02-26
0060🇨🇾Carnival parade in Limassol 2023 from #70 ♫2023-02-26
0061🇨🇾Carnival parade in Limassol 2023 from #90 ♫2023-02-26
0062🇨🇾Sailing Zatara in Limassol 🇬🇧2023-03-08
0063🇨🇾Diana is back in the water 🇬🇧2023-03-16
0064🇨🇾How to haul out a boat 🇬🇧2023-03-17
0065🇨🇾Roslana likes to swim again 🇬🇧2023-03-20
0066🇨🇾The flying Lucky Fish has underwater wings 🇬🇧2023-03-20
0067🇨🇾Clean your boat or this happens 🇬🇧2023-03-21
0068🇨🇾Greek Independence Day, Parade, Limassol 2023-Part 1 🇬🇧2023-03-25
0069🇨🇾Greek Independence Day, Parade, Limassol 2023-Part 2 ♫2023-03-25
0070🇨🇾The beautiful landscape between Limassol and Agros ♫2023-03-25
0071🇨🇾Agia Napa, History, Party and Marina 🇬🇧2023-03-31
0072🇨🇾Wild ride in 30 to 50 knot gusts 🇬🇧2023-04-09
0073🇨🇾The somehow special nepali restaurant "Vetghat" 🇬🇧2023-04-09
0074🇨🇾This boat is not symmetrical, one propeller is missing 🇬🇧2023-04-20
0075🇨🇾Main sail from Quantum Racing 2014 🇬🇧2023-04-23
0076🇨🇾Cyprus flooded, monsoon in Limassol 🇬🇧2023-04-29
0077🇨🇾Coral beach and Paphos port 🇬🇧2023-05-01
0078🇨🇾Limassol, shopping street, cityhall, old mosque, oldcity, castle 🇬🇧2023-05-09
0079🇨🇾Big waves in Limassol 🇬🇧2023-05-22
0080🇨🇾Good bye Cyprus and a warning to investors 🇬🇧2023-05-31
0081🇦🇪Bur Juman shops, Dubai Museum 🇬🇧2023-06-01
0082🇦🇪Dubai Museum, Old City, Boat tour on Dubai Creek 🇬🇧2023-06-01
0083🇦🇪The Dubai Frame, Zabeel Park and Architecture 🇬🇧2023-06-03
0084🇦🇪La Mer Beach, Jumeira Emirates Towers, Museum of the Future 🇬🇧2023-06-05
0085🇦🇪Huge ... Is this still a Marina? 🇬🇧2023-06-08
0086🇦🇪Mall of the Emirates, kicked out of store 🇬🇧2023-06-10
0087🇦🇪JBR and Marina beach, Marina and Marina mall 🇬🇧2023-06-11
0088🇦🇪Burj Khalifa (829m), Dubai Mall, Fountain and Aquarium 🇬🇧2023-06-17
0089🇦🇪Souk Madinat Jumeirah Mall, Burj Al Arab 🇬🇧2023-06-24
0090🇦🇪Dubai Mall with China Town, skyline views 🇬🇧2023-06-25
0091🇦🇪Golden hour for JBR skyline, Bluewaters Island and the AIN Dubai Wheel 🇬🇧2023-07-01
0092🇦🇪Dubai historic city Deira, spice and gold markets, boat tour from Bur Dubai to Dubai Marina 🇬🇧2023-07-15
0093🇦🇪No entry to Burj Al Arab, Jumeira Hotel, Night impressions 🇬🇧2023-07-22
0094🇦🇪Ibn Battuta Mall, pickup my residency card failed again 🇬🇧2023-07-24
0095🇦🇪No Dubai Sailboat Marina but discovered a Bali 4.2 🇬🇧2023-07-29
0096🇦🇪Party in the Barasti Beach Bar 🇬🇧2023-07-29
0097🇦🇪Palm Jumeira, Mono Rail, Atlantis Hotel 🇬🇧2023-08-19
0098🇦🇪Dubai financial center, Skyline, Architecture, Museum of the Future ♫2023-08-22
0099🇦🇪Inventory robot in Dubai ♫2023-08-26
0100🇦🇪Dubai Internet City 🇬🇧2023-10-09
0101🇦🇪Around Burj Khalifa by night 🇬🇧2023-10-10
0102🇦🇪Anti gravitation exists 🇬🇧2023-10-10
0103🇦🇪This view for free at Ce La Vie 🇬🇧2023-10-14
0104🇦🇪Airport Dubai to Düsseldorf to Germany 🇬🇧2023-10-17
0105🇩🇪Düsseldorf from above, unpunctual train traffic 🇬🇧2023-10-21
0106🇩🇪Münster, Promenade, Lamberti Church, Castle, Send 🇬🇧2023-10-29
0107🇩🇪Geological-Paleontological Museum in Münster 🇬🇧2023-11-11
0108🇩🇪The Castle in Münster 🇬🇧2023-11-12
0109🇩🇪Münster from above, autumn and winter ♫2023-12-04
0110🇩🇪Radio tower in Düsseldorf, ferris wheel and party night 🇬🇧2023-12-30
0111🇦🇪Normal life in Dubai, Sahara mall in Sharjaha 🇬🇧2024-01-19
0112🇦🇪Beautiful sunset and Dubai Festival City Mall 🇬🇧2023-01-20

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